The Art of Kellie Miller

Kellie’s artworks vibrate with hope and optimism, concerns about freedom and self discovery her companions.  These themes are discernible from the variety of mediums she utilises within the artistic process.

An unwillingness to restrict herself or her work is a response to her humble, mixed heritage background (Guyanese, Portuguese and Indian) and fragmented education.  Kellie’s formative years were flavoured by a global palette; however her experiences of the world were also restricted by the same pattern. 

This tension resolves itself elegantly in the loftily inspired work she produces.  Her mature perspective flies high over the world from which her artworks are formed, free now to see the connection between as both liberating and exciting. 

Mixed media art offers a sense of freedom cherished by this artist.  Her two and three dimensional wall hangings depict abstracted images of England and other inspirational places she has travelled to.  Naturally travel is another of Kellie’s passions and her pieces can be likened to aerial views, combining cityscape and landscape. 

Her interest in cartography is often a starting point to her work, from where she aims to integrate her ideas within the fabric of buildings, by using the topography, history and landscape of the area to where the work is located.  Her birthplace is London; Kellie feels distinctly worldly.

Kellie graduated from Camberwell School of Art in 1991, then Brighton University in 1994 and gained her MA in Arts Criticism from City University, London in 2001.

In 1996 she set up Biscuit Studio, where many artists and designers have worked, including makers from Japan and Turkey. Her aim is to continue to develop Biscuit Studio as a forum for cultural exchange and artistic practice. During this time she became a founder member of Hove Arts, an organisation linking artists’ houses, studios and workshops as part England’s major art festival.

Her relationship with Japan started in 2002 where she spent several months in an artist residency. Most recently she has been selected to exhibit her 101 Couture cups at Mino Museum’s 8th International Ceramics Festival 2008.

In addition to exhibitions in the UK, Denmark and Germany, Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan and Brighton and Hove Museum, England have all added her work to their collection.

Her work has been featured widely in the UK press, including The Times, The Guardian, Elle Decoration and Homes and Gardens.