What is a limited edition print?

A limited edition print means that the artist undertakes to produce a limited number of copies of a print. In my case I limit production to only 50 copies of each edition, using only archival quality inks, screens and paper.  Each print is signed and individually numbered by me and also is imprinted with my stamp to guarantee its authenticity.  In contrast, an open edition print may be reproduced in unlimited numbers.

Individually signed

numbered and stamped

What is an embellished giclée?

An embellished giclée print is a high resolution digital reproduction of my original work, printed on the finest textured art paper (Somerset Velvet 330g cotton Rag) using Canon Pigment Archival Inks and then enhanced with the application of tints and varnishes to selected areas of the image. 

While a giclée print alone can't fully reproduce the carved surface of my original work, my aim is to produce a print which reflects the qualities of the original by using different processes and materials.

What type of additional screens do you use?

That depends upon the print. Depending on the piece I use at least one and up to three separate screens. The exact number and type of screens used can be found on each print's product page but here's a complete list.   

Flat Semi-Matt Varnish
Interference Gold
Interference Blue
Fluro Yellow Varnish
Opaque Blue
High Build Gloss Varnish
Semi-Opaque Varnish
High Build Texture Varnish
Tinted High Gloss Varnish

Why don't you supply framed prints?

At the current time I can only supply framed prints to customers who are willing and able to collect from my gallery in Brighton, UK.  The prints themselves are fairly large and I prefer to see them mounted behind anti-reflective glass.  Unfortunately this makes them both heavy and fragile which, in turn, makes them impractical and prohibitively expensive to ship.  I have included advice on how to frame my prints below and the notes should enable a competent framer to do a good job.  That said, if you would like me to frame the print for you and you are able to collect from the gallery, then please contact me directly to arrange.

How should I frame my print?

Please refer to my framing notes

How will my print be packaged?

The prints are securely packed flat, not rolled, to ensure that both the surface and the delicate hand torn edges are protected during transit.

What if I have further questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll be happy to help.